Gravity Breakers



“I’m a lover, not a fighter. But I do love a good fight!”



Cardinal is a wandering kleptomaniac/hippy with a mysterious past who’s searching for... something. Suddenly the stars begin disappearing and the planets begin careening out of control. Cardinal and his cohorts find themselves embroiled in a quantum mystery that could spell disaster for the entire universe.


Fighting Style: Kickboxing, Chucking Plasma
Homeworld: Pleroma
Species: Aeon
Age: Unknown
Height: 183cm
Weight: 93kg
Occupation: Rebel, Guru, Protector
Likes: Fighting, meeting new people
Dislikes: Alarm clocks




Nancy was once Cardinal’s bitter enemy. After a bloody battle she was caught off guard when Cardinal spared her life. His benevolent act clashed with Nancy's nihilistic views, causing an existential crisis. She became fascinated by Cardinal’s philosophy and complete lack of pants. They’ve been uneasy allies and casual lovers ever since.


Fighting Style: Sword Fighting, Plasma Daggers, Smart Bombs
Homeworld: Tau Ceti E
Species: Humanoid (gen modded)
Age: 34
Height: 173cm
Weight: 61kg
Occupation: Mercenary, former Clonelegger
Likes: Baseball, the cold void of deep space
Dislikes: Crowded social gatherings, cheese


“I will spare you the sin of existence.”