Q. Is the controller support ready?

A. Yes, we are currently using Unity’s basic input system. We will replace it with Rewired advanced input system soon. You can remap controls in the Unity launcher.


Q. Is it optimized? all i have to do is One click and I'm in?

A. We are optimizing as we go. You may have to turn down the graphics on lower end machines. 


Q. was it made for lower end PCs or can it me set for lower PCs in the options?

A. There are basic graphics quality in the Unity launcher.


Q. Heels and angel wings? Dude (Cardinal) you fight like a girl!

A. Cardinal is confident in his sexuality


Q. Omni-sexual orgies? Please tell me this is a joke, and not canon.

A. It might seem weird by your 21st century standards but in 4000 years people will probably be into some freaky sexual practices. Ancient cultures practiced all kinds of weird stuff that have fallen out of favor, and even today we have polygamists, swingers and partner swappers. So yes, its canon.