Gravity Breakers


Zero Gravity Combat

Dash around at break-neck speeds and batter your opponent with a simple yet deep combat system consisting of Standard Attacks, Exotic Attacks, and Super Massive Attacks.

Attacks change based on distance from enemy: switch seamlessly between bone crushing strikes up-close and devastating firepower at a distance.

1-4 Players

Play 1v1, 2v2, or 3v1 (only a true master). Play on teams or free-for-all for total chaos!

Items optional

Add another dimension of fun with items such as:

  • Vibro-Sword
  • Hell Slime
  • Particle Beam
  • Self-healing Concrete



Follow the canon story with a few branching paths. Choose between specific characters at important junctures of the story. There may be cars available for smashing...


Choose your character and fight your way through a succession of foes until you reach the Final Boss!



Play with 1-4 players, every man/women/alien/robot for itself or on teams. Turn on all the items for maximum chaos!


Head over to the dojo to learn some new skills from your sensei.


Challenge competitors from around the world for the top spot on the leaderboard or play some casual matches with friends.


Try to perform some difficult combos, use movement to avoid damaging attack sequences, and smash up a parked car.